Executive Assistant -

Part-Time, Contract, Remote

Hawkwood Group is currently seeking an Executive Assistant to begin work around February 2018. Our goal is to find the right candidate who is interested in eventually working in a larger capacity within a growing company (even if that means hiring later than February).  Currently this position is part-time, contract, and remote (but it’d be awesome if you're somewhere close to Santa Monica). If you’re the right candidate, however, distance won’t matter.  

At Hawkwood Group we hire people, not laundry lists of skills and accomplishments. We believe that people rise to the level of expectations set for them. We believe that challenges reveal who we really are. We believe that growth is something that everyone deserves.

We don’t expect you to have 5 years of experience on a platform that’s only existed for 3 years. We don’t expect you to answer emails on the weekend. We don’t expect you to video chat into a meeting if you just rolled out of bed. We also don’t expect you to roll out of bed at a particular time.

You are:

  • Technically proficient. You don’t need to know how to code, but you know your way around a password manager and can Google your way out of most situations.

  • Excellent at communication. Duh. We really don’t want to have to explain this one.

  • Interested in learning about running a small business. There is no better way to see if business ownership your kinda thing than by helping a business owner get things done.

  • Able to learn quickly. You like to learn and you thrive when it’s time to master a new skill.

We don’t really do job descriptions here. We hire for character and personality, not for skills. We like to have people doing things they’re good at and like to do.

So what might you do on a given day? Usual Administrative tasks such as: market research, lead research, reporting, scheduling (personal and professional), updating client documentation, and preparing presentations and documents. Some days you’ll be helping out with some client projects, like designing images for social media campaigns, customer support, working with a various SAAS platforms, or proofreading and editing. If something else sounds particularly interesting, we’re listening!

Hawkwood Group is a remote and flexible time organization, and we don’t have typical hours (unless a client’s needs dictate specific hours). We believe that results matter, and don’t adhere to arbitrary hours of work. This position has a unique structure for work delegation and completion. If you’re uncomfortable at the thought of a position not having specific hourly time constraints, this probably isn’t the position for you. To be clear, we expect you to work on your own schedule within our deadlines -- we won’t throw impossible tasks at you at the last second or abuse the privilege of working together.

Interested candidates, please send a .pdf of your resume to info@hawkwood.group and please include a cover letter in the body of your email. We love to hear about you as a person, as well as your work experience. Please tell us about your hobbies, favorite books & TV shows, and pets!  Please mark the subject of your email as ‘Exec Assistant Application - [ YOUR NAME].’ Applications due by December 15th, 2017. We can’t wait to hear from you! 


No staffing agencies please.