what we do 

Hawkwood Group manages and optimizes your business's website, digital marketing, and social media marketing, so that your small business can focus on its mission. More than ever, technology is critical to a business's success, but most business owners don't have the time or bandwidth to learn new softwares and platforms, create engaging content, and implement a social media strategy. Hawkwood Group specializes in technology so that you don't have to. 

website creation & optimization

Hawkwood Group boasts in house development staff that will develop, optimize, and maintain your website. We also can create custom web apps for your business's needs. Need help with API integrations? We can do that too!

digital marketing & Sales Funnel

We'll get the digital word out about your business. Hawkwood Group specializes in Google PPC, SEO, conversion rate improvement, and email marketing. 

social media marketing

81% of Americans have a social media profile and most businesses aren't reaching their customers through social media. We create content users care about which increases the number of people exposed to your business. We focus primarily on organic content, but also provide promoted social media activities. 


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Hawkwood Group is an agile team of dedicated marketers, content creators, and software developers based out of Santa Monica, California. We pride ourselves on being on the cutting edge of the most empowering technology and social trends. Our team has years of experience from some of the country's biggest tech companies, including Twitter and Pivotal Tacker, and spanning industries, from health and fitness to finance. Our diverse background let's us help small businesses of every variety optimize their technology and grow their business.